Additional Services

We Do So Much More

After the curbing is done, don’t forget that we have so many more additional services. From delivering stones and mulch to maintaining your lawn with the highest of standards. Your landscape deserves the best care, and we are the best available to give your lawn that attention to detail that our competition may overlook.

Our Most Recent Projects

Concrete Walkways

Paving the Way

No one knows the importance of well paved concrete walkways quite like Cruzan Curbs. Allow our team to carve your paths for you. We will design the perfect path and build it all with premium quality concrete, sourced locally. The perfect compliment to any new curbing or hardscape installation.
Stepping Stones

Preciously Placed Path

The charm and function of stepping stones is unparalleled when it comes to accenting your landscape. Not only are they beautiful additions to your yard but also help provide a path for walking while protecting your grass from harmful tread patterns of high-traffic areas.
Haul Away Service

So Long & Farewell

You can never underestimate the convenience of reliable haul away service. Removing unsightly trash and debris from your home, either in-doors or out can be expensive and cumbersome, but calling Cruzan Curbs to do it for you can save you money, time and a strained back for the rest of the week.
Trenching Service

Down in the Trenches

When looking for top of the line trenching service detail, you want to go with the pros. Careful not to strike power or water lines while digging can be more difficult than most believe so allow our team to plot the best course while taking all pitfalls into consideration. Save your self the hassle and rest assured on the precision of our dig.
Hedge & Bush Trimming

Just a Shape Up

A freshly cut lawn looks out of place without proper hedge and bush trimming. We work around your schedule to keep your hedges and bushes as tightly manicured as possible while bringing symmetry throughout the look of our landscape and creating an inviting atmosphere to your family and guests. Create your perfect schedule with our team today.
Sod Installation

The Lawn You Deserve

The perfect compliment to your new curbing is the perfect lawn. Our team takes sod installation very serious. We only get the best, locally sourced sod and deliver and install with precision and care that is unparalleled. Give your lawn the face lift it deserves. You will love the look it adds to your property.

Fertile & Healthy Soil

Mulching adds a layer of protection to the top surface of your soil. Promotes moisture conservation, improving the fertility of your garden while reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of your gardening areas.
Stone Installation

Great Enhancement

Stone installation can be expensive and difficult on your own, but our team will bring your new stones for installation and organize the disbursement throughout your landscape accordingly. Rocks are great for suffocating weeds. Perfect for low-water gardens and landscapes.
Lawn Maintenance

One Less To-Do For You

You have plenty of items on your chore list and removing one will feel great. When it comes to Lawn Maintenance we are the answer you’ve been looking for. Let our team deliver you from the burden while bringing you the ideal look for your landscape. We assure you we leave no stone unturned.
Underbrush Cleaning

Make Way for Progress

When it comes to setting up for a new building or simply maintaining large pieces of land underbrush cleaning is an inevitable task that must be done and can take a long time to tackle on your own. We have both the equipment and team to undertake this large task with a minimal amount of time getting you back to your original project plans.
Downed Tree Removal


We all love having trees for shade, but sometimes those trees come crashing down without any warning. When this happens, our quick and efficient downed tree service can save you the trouble of damage to your landscape as well as the hassle of removing the tree the proper and safe way from your property.
Plant Removal

Never Invited Anyway

Not all plants that live on your property are welcomed guests. In this case careful and precise plant removal can be the difference between a seamless removal or a dug up mess with potential for the offending plant to grow back in it’s original place. Cruzan Curbs will perform the plant removal with surgeon like precision ensure the plant will never appear again.
Stump Removal

Up, Up & Away

After the tree has been cut down there is always one more obstacle to overcome. Stump removal can be costly and dangerous without the proper tools and can even leave remnants that can lead to problems in the future. Cruzan Curbs has the knowledge and tools to make stump removal a painless process for you as well as proper disposal of the stump.
Driveway Installation

Smooth Landing

A proper driveway installation can be the difference between a long, happy life with smooth concrete, or a crack-filled nightmare causing costly damage to your car as well as potential health hazards to you or your family. Allow our professionals to meet with you to discuss your desired driveway and complete the task in short order.
Weed Barrier Install

Hold Them Back

You work hard to create your ideal garden and even harder to keep the weeds from taking over. With a weed barrier install from Cruzan Curbs, you can get back to enjoying the fruits of your labor without all the excess work. Our weed barriers will only allow the plants you want to take root in your garden.
Culvert Installation

Go with the Flow

Proper flow of run-off water throughout your property can be the difference of a healthy landscape or a flooded mess. As unpredictable as weather can be, it’s wise to prepare before the storm comes. With professional culvert installation you can have assurance that you are prepared for whatever the sky may rain down on you. We offer maintenance on other culvert installations as well.
Cattle Guard Install

Moooove Back

With the cost of cattle continually rising in the current market, you want to protect your investments any way you know how. Cruzan Curbs’ cattle guard install will safely protect your cattle from the potential hazards just beyond your properties lines. Our installs are quick and efficient as well as complimentary to the look of your properties entrance.